Whats the hardest food for the stomach to digest?

Answer wood fiber

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I swallowed a small chicken bone accidently. Will my stomach digest it, or do i risk puncturing?

Your stomach will coat anything that it cannot digest with a thick mucus and expel it the regular way. I learned this off of a TV show about people that eat strange and dangerous things like glass ... Read More »

Whats your favorite food Whats the worst food you ever had?

Chicken Tarragon:Chicken breast rolled in flour, garlic, salt, pepper and tarragon - flash fried in butter.Next cover the chicken in a buttered dish with double cream mixed with salt pepper, tarrag... Read More »

How Do Earthworms Digest Food?

Earthworms are part of the Annelida phylum, representing a type of complex, segmented worm. Segmented worms have a great advantage in mobility because of the force in the muscle in each individual,... Read More »

How do dragonflies digest food?

The most common dragonfly in the United States is the green darner, which has a bright green head and thorax. As with all dragonflies, the darner utilizes a mechanical digestive process.Identifica... Read More »