Whats the funniest thing when done whilst drunk/tipsy?

Answer Hahah. I tried to make out with my friend's dog.

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Whats the funniest/embarassing thing youve done while drunk?

I got drunk at a party then came home & my family were all still awake. I was trying 2 amuse my little sister, so I put my feet on the handlebars of an exercise bike & tried to pedel with my hands.... Read More »

Whats the funniest thing that your child has done and made you smile?

when my husband was teaching and playing football with our youngest son, 3yrs, my son would do the following:take the ball in his hands and get into a hike position. Scream a bunch of random number... Read More »

What's the Funniest / Stupidest thing you've done when Drunk?

The first night I moved into my apartment last semester I got loaded. I noticed a driveable street sweeper in a parking lot in my apartment complex.. I went to go sit in it and noticed there were k... Read More »

What's the funniest/most embarrasing/stupidest thing you've ever done when drunk?

I was once dancing in a club very drunk, and realised that I have the back of my dress tucked in my knickers. The best thing is id been dancing for ages and only realised when I caught a glimps of ... Read More »