What's the funniest anti-veg remark you've ever heard?

Answer Okay, I wasn't going to but I just have to play this one (even if I'm late to the party) because it still makes me laugh. I've posted it before (and it was found here in a question about vegan preg... Read More »

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Whats the funniest video youve ever seen on youtube?

robot chicken giraffe on quicksand…

Whats the funniest/embarassing thing youve done while drunk?

I got drunk at a party then came home & my family were all still awake. I was trying 2 amuse my little sister, so I put my feet on the handlebars of an exercise bike & tried to pedel with my hands.... Read More »

Whats the funniest song you've ever heard in your life?

This Song I Heard The Other Night On TMF Called "Gay Boyfriend" I Don't Remember Who Sang It But Its Really Strange

What is the funniest youtube video youve ever seen?…also: italian man in malta