Whats the fastest way to safely defrost meat?

Answer Microwave it.

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How to Defrost a Turkey Safely?

Here are some handy tips on how to safely defrost a turkey using a USDA-recommended defrosting method.

How can you safely and quickly defrost chicken?

Put the chicken in a bowl, set in the sink and let COLD water run over it. The water does not have to be turned on full blast, just a steady stream. Hot water on raw meat will cause bacteria to g... Read More »

How to Defrost Meat?

Many people are aware of the dangers of raw meat and the illnesses it can cause. So determining how to defrost meat is probably one of the most important aspects of cooking it. If meat is not defro... Read More »

What is the fastest way to defrost a freezer?

Defrosting, the only way to get rid of excess ice in your freezer, can be a frustrating and time consuming, but you can speed up the process. Before you begin defrosting,transfer all food from the ... Read More »