Whats the fastest way to heal a Snapping Hip?

Answer Many people have a snapping hip with no pain, which doesn't necessarily even need medical treatment. I had that for a while after being sidelined with a back problem. Some routine exercising cured ... Read More »

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Whats the fastest way to heal a minor burn?

In one Emergency Room where I worked we used to soak a fresh minor burn (one that's not blistering) in betadine ice water: you pour betadine or iodine liquid over ice and immerse the thumb in that.... Read More »

Fastest way to heal a burn?

I like to use Neosporin on a burn. There is a prescription creme, but I can't remember the name. A friend got the script when the radiation treatments left burn marks. It was truly amazing on greas... Read More »

The fastest way to heal a black eye?

I've heard that a bag of frozen peas works best.

What is the fastest way to heal a cut ?

I think Neosporin is the best!!!But now there is a product called Mederma that is good, but that is for after it scars.Neosporin is to prevent scars!!!Good luck!!!