What's the fastest way to get rid of a headache?

Answer Sometimes dehydration can cause your head to hurt. NO one probably drinks enough water. Or hydrating fluids. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate your body as does just normal functioning. To see if ... Read More »

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What is the fastest natural way of making a splitting headache go away?

one pressure point is pinching the area between your thumb and pointer finger. Also rubbing your temples, caffeine, less light, breathing deeper, and cold compress. may help a little.

Whats the best remedy for a headache?

sex. :) .. but if thats not available.. you might want to take some Tylenol and try to get some sleep.

Whats the best home remedy for a headache?

Whats a good cure for a headache?

what i do is make circular motions with my fingers in my temple area clockwise and counter clockwise .. go out when you feel better and do something completely that you haven't done before and Relax