Whats the fastest way to get pregnant besides sex?

Answer Answer Artificial insemination.

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Whats the fastest way to get pregnant?

One of the fastest ways to get pregnant is by having intercourse with your spouse during your days of ovulation or twelve days before your regular monthly cycle. At these times the eggs are much mo... Read More »

Whats the best way to get high besides weed?

working out. I run and I get a high, Tai-chi before the run gives me a high.

Whats another way to get high besides smoking weed?

you can smoke a paracetamol, just crush it into a power and put it into you smoke, or if you dont like to smoke, try a glass of 3 redbulls mixed with 3tablespoons of coffee n sugar, that will get y... Read More »

Whats a really good web hosting site besides godaddy?

I've used Dreamhost and 1and1 for years. 1and1 is getting worse and I've been moving more and more of my sites to Dreamhost. Only 8.95 a month and you get discounts for paying yearly or every two y... Read More »