Whats the easyest programming laguage?

Answer This is my opinion; if you are serious about programming I would not advise you to choose Visual Basic as it is quite restrictive in its nature as a Windows only programming language - even if you ... Read More »

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Whats the fastest easyest way to get drunk?

If you don't like how strong Vodka is then you're already limiting how fast you can get drunk. Vodka is almost tasteless so it's the easiest to mix with stuff. But if you want to get tore up from... Read More »

Whats the easyest way to strip wallpaper by hand cant afford a steamer?

Whats the difference between computer programming and software engineering?

I believe software engineering is all about applying a methodology and process to solve a problem with software. It will involve requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, configuratio... Read More »

What is the easyest way to tidy up my room?

With a vacuum cleaner and help from your sister, learn respect and teach your sister respect.After all its your room and you have to live in it