Whats the easiest way to convert 35mm to a DX crop?

Answer Your Nikon has a 1.5 "crop factor" due to the DX sensor. So to determine the equivalent 35mm focal length just multiply the focal length of the lens your dad gave you by 1.5. The "crop factor" does... Read More »

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35mm lens and crop sensor?

The focal length of a lens is always what it says it is. What you are dealing with is the change in the angle of view when a 35mm lens is mounted on a full-frame DSLR versus when its mounted on you... Read More »

Whats the difference between lomography and 35mm film?

Lomography is a company that promotes a style of lo-fi photography called lomography. I like the more all inclusive term, lo-fi photography, since Lomography isn't the only player in the lo-fi came... Read More »

How to Convert a DVD to a 35mm Film?

With the proliferation of cheap digital film-making methods, many production companies are choosing to go direct to DVD. But if the option to distribute to theaters arises, not every venue has digi... Read More »

Can you convert a 35mm camera to digital?

Oh yes, it is possible, and has been done for a number of medium and large-format cameras. A digital camera back may be used in place of the film holder. However, it may be slightly impractical for... Read More »