What's the difference between tipsy, buzzed, and drunk?

Answer That is called being drunk.SoberBuzzedTipsyDrunkWasted / Destroyed / Annihilated / Smashed / GoneBasically buzzed is that slight feeling you get where you know that you are no longer sober, but you... Read More »

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Whats the funniest thing when done whilst drunk/tipsy?

Hahah. I tried to make out with my friend's dog.

Was i tipsy or buzzed?

with so little muscle coordination I gotta say drunk

Whats the difference between the high feeling and the drunk feeling?

A drunk feeling is like everything is right. Like, everything you say or do feels perfect and you feel socially amazing. As for the high, it depends on the drug. Some, like weed for example make yo... Read More »

Was I drunk or buzzed?

Totally,irresponsibly sloppy drunk. Next dumb question.