What's the difference between the program design and the flow chart?

Answer A flow chart is just one aspect of a program's design. Notably absent from what a flow chart represents is the design of the data structures used by the program. Also, a flow chart typically descri... Read More »

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What is the basic difference between structured chart and flow chart?

Process Control Chart only spell the process flow, no transportation, delay or inspection Flow Process Chart will do follow up by process control chart, it spell more detail than process control ch... Read More »

What Is Difference Between Flow Chart And Structure Chart?

1) it is usually difficult to identify the different modules of a program in flow chart. 2) data interchange amoung different module is not represented in flow chart. 3) sequence ordering of task i... Read More »

What is difference between flow chart and process chart?

A flow chart is the general term. A process chart can be a flow chart. Hello?!

Help with a flow chart so I get write a pseudocode for a modular program?

To do a flow chart you need to know how the program is going to work. It may be easier for you to do the pseudocode, and then make the flow chart from the pseudocode. Not knowing what else you have... Read More »