What's the difference between regular and rechargable batteries?

Answer Non-rechargeable batteries can explode if you try to charge them, they can't absorb the energy again.

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What is the difference between cordless phone AAA and standard rechargable AAA batteries?

As per Trevor, the AAA Ni-MH batts are all pretty much the same. In most cases you will pay more for certan brand names. The biggest determing factor is the batteries MAH rating. You said yours wer... Read More »

What is the difference between regular batteries and rechargeable batteries?

omg that can happen to reg batteries if they get too hot or if u use 2 different batteriesi had reg batteries in my purse in the summer time for my digital camara and they almost exploded in my pur... Read More »

Can all batteries work in a battery charger Where can I get rechargable batteries?

Not all batteries work in a battery charger. You can get rechargable batteries at lots of places like radio shack, costco, anywhere where there are batteries. Rechargable batteries usually cost mor... Read More »

Where can I find Rechargable AA batteries with high mAh?

Go to just about any store that sells rechargeables. Electonics, department stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, whatever. I haven't had any problems finding Duracells and Energizer rechargeables that... Read More »