What's the difference between ooma phone device and magicjack?

Answer Ooma has several advantages over magic jack. Some of these features have a cost and some don't but I'll just list them:1)Ooma hooks up to your internet connection/modem. Your computer does not need... Read More »

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Which one is better Ooma, Magicjack for home phone or any other suggestions?

I can only speak for Magic Jack.. It has terrible reliability, and no Customer Service.! (You get what you pay for.) If you don't have a router, you must leave your computer on all the time to make... Read More »

Ooma phone?

no, youwill keep your exiting number....I'm gonna try it....Voice over the Internet, so far, has been a game of cheap minutes, shoddy quality, and unreliable connections. It's also been a money-los... Read More »

Is the Ooma phone system any good...?

Yep...Good... Pelosi is a total whack job!

Can anyone tell me about ooma telo voip phone systems?

On paper, it looks good. It isn't. You get to pay $250 to buy the box...and, if you don't want a 2nd line, voice mail, and a few other features, you only have to pay $12 or so a year. The proble... Read More »