What's the difference between mono and stereo?

Answer Assume there is an actor moving in a stage from left to right and you can hear his steps.In a mono recording, you can hear the steps but you don't know if he is moving left to right or right to lef... Read More »

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How do you tell the difference between mono and stereo in 3.5mm plugs?

When looking at the plug you will either see two metal parts separated by a plastic band or three metal parts separated by two plastic bands. The plastic band is typically black in color however it... Read More »

Differences between mono and stereo microphone ?

Mono, short for "monaural", is one sound channel; stereo has two channels, a left and a right.

Please tell me whats the difference between hardware and software and whats a motherboard?

Hardware is the stuff that goes to make-up your computer, such as, your Monitor, Tower cabinet, Printer, Keyboard ..etc..Software on the other hand is the stuff that makes your Computer work, such ... Read More »

Whats the difference between hdtv 1080i and 1080p and whats better for gaming (ps3) and tv and film?