What's the difference between mode SP and LP in recording a video?

Answer On my camcorder.SP means standard play or short play.LP mean low play or long play.Either way SP should give better quality. Some times the different is barley noticeable. I just stick with the def... Read More »

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What does burst mode mean in recording a video?

The only "burst mode" of which I am aware in video relates to some camcorders that can burst a high frame rate capture for a short time. For example, there are a few Sony consumer grade camcorders ... Read More »

Why does my Canon EOS T3i keep automaticly stop recording video in movie mode after about 4-10 seconds?

Yes, you need a Class 10 to shoot Full HD video (1080p) and at least a Class 6 for HD (720p).There is another issue that you need to understand. CMOS sensors get hot after being on for three to f... Read More »

I fastened my iPhone 3GS on to an RC airplane with the video record on It all worked fine till I took off then the video continued recording but the sound stopped recording until I landed. Help pleas?

definelty not, however if you do not pay for unlimited internet, you will be charged for the use of the internet.

I have Dish Network and the tech who came to my house hooked it up through video mode versus TV because of a bad picture in the TV.When your TV comes on in video mode how do you hook up a Wii also?

The toll free telephone number to call is 1-800-823-4929 from anywhere in the Continental USA.