What's the difference between mode SP and LP in recording a video?

Answer On my camcorder.SP means standard play or short play.LP mean low play or long play.Either way SP should give better quality. Some times the different is barley noticeable. I just stick with the def... Read More »

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Whats the difference between a consumer video camera and a professional video camera?

One is made by the home electronics division in China, designed by the Home Electronics division in Japan.The professional camera is designed and made IN JAPAN by the Professional Electronics divis... Read More »

What is the difference between sleep mode and hibernate mode?

Hibernate and sleep is different in both windows XP and Vista so both of them are wrong.Sleep in vista is just like stand-by mode in XP which is going to shut off the computer screen and go in to l... Read More »

What does burst mode mean in recording a video?

The only "burst mode" of which I am aware in video relates to some camcorders that can burst a high frame rate capture for a short time. For example, there are a few Sony consumer grade camcorders ... Read More »

Why does my Canon EOS T3i keep automaticly stop recording video in movie mode after about 4-10 seconds?

Yes, you need a Class 10 to shoot Full HD video (1080p) and at least a Class 6 for HD (720p).There is another issue that you need to understand. CMOS sensors get hot after being on for three to f... Read More »