What's the difference between mini-DVI and mini display ports?

Answer The newest LED-backlit iMacs use the miniDisplayPort. The older non-LED iMacs use the miniDVI.Sounds to me like you have the newer LED iMac.

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Will blu ray playback on a 21.5 inch iMac work by plugging the one end of the hdmi cable from the blu ray player into the iMac's mini display port using an hdmi to mini displayport adaptor?

no the display port is an output so that would just connect two outputs together

About the Mac Mini Display?

The Mac mini is a compact enclosure that does not come with a built-in display, allowing buyers to chose a display customized to individual taste. If you are interested in a Mac mini, being informe... Read More »

Computer display question for mac mini?

You would be able to use three monitors, yes.However, the Mac Mini 2011 only has USB 2.0, which isn't perfect for using as a display connection as it is slow, and only capable of certain resolution... Read More »

Which mobile phone is better Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini or mini pro?

experia mini pro is far better, has a brilliant slide out keyboard. very nice phone.