What's the difference between megabyte's and gigabyte's?

Answer a megabyte would be like a m&m and a gigabyte is a bag of m&msthere are 1000 megabytes in a gigabyte

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Whats more megabytes or gigabytes?

1bit= 0 or 11byte=8 bit1Kilobyte=1024 Byte1 Mega Byte= 1024 Kilo Byte1 Giga byte= 1024 Mega byte1 Tera Byte=1024 Giga Byte1 Googlebyte=1 share of Google stock1 Bubbabyte= 1 piece of bubalicious1 lo... Read More »

The Size Difference of Megabytes Vs. Gigabytes on Mac Computers?

Certain terminology on a Mac computer is essential in day-to-day use. If you don't know what a megabyte is relative to gigabytes, or kilobytes, you'll have trouble figuring out how much space is av... Read More »

Is megabytes more than gigabytes?

GB is equivalent to 1,024MB. But remember - MORE ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER. If the 1GB RAM is PC2100, but the 512MB RAM is PC2-5300 or so, the 512MB RAM system is better. Also, if the 200GB hard drive... Read More »

Megabytes and Gigabytes?

The program is mb's ,, you will have most of your 69.9 gigs left. @