What's the difference between hydrangeas and snowball flowers?

Answer They are different shrubsSnowball tree is a Viburnum.

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What is the proper name for snowball flowers?

The snowball flower appears on the shrub Viburnum opulus "Roseum." The snowball viburnum, which was introduced to North America by European colonists, produces round, 3-inch, snowball-like clusters... Read More »

Flowers Similar to Hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are a deciduous shrub with large clusters, or corymbs, of flowers that are roughly shaped like a ball or a rounded disc. These shrubs make a good focal point in the garden as the flower ... Read More »

What Flowers Look Good With Hydrangeas?

The ball-like set of florets of the hydrangea are mass or focal flowers for horizontal, triangular, vertical, Hogarth curve and free standing arrangements. The large flowers are beautiful in arran... Read More »

How to Remove Dead Flowers From Tardiva Hydrangeas?

It's a spectacular sight when a flower, particularly a hydrangea, is at the height of bloom. All of the time spent nurturing the shrub has finally paid off and the gardener luxuriates in the beauty... Read More »