What's the difference between coke and coca-cola?

Answer Same thing.

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Whats the differnet between Coca cola zero and diet coke?

Coca Cola Zero - Sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium., the reason this is different than Diet Coke is Coca Cola Zero is a sugar free version of the Classic Coke formulation. In other ... Read More »

Pepsi or Coca-Cola (Coke)?

How does Coke zero taste the same as normal Coca Cola?

It's a matter of opinion whether it tastes the same. It contains an artificial sweetener instead of sugar, and those have been getting better over the years - I remember when Diet Coke tasted awfu... Read More »

Do you prefer pepsi or coca-cola (coke)?

I perfer Pepsi because Coca-Cola has too much gas.