Whats the difference between clear eye shadow primer and not clear?

Answer Clear eye shadow primer is much better quality-wise. It's less likely to become sticky and leave a yellowish residue.

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Where can I purchase Ruby Kisses Eye Shadow Primer and anyone know of another cheap eye shadow primer?

Most local beauty stores sell Ruby Kisses products as well as……Another nice primer is the $1 primer from ELF. I... Read More »

Can you put self-etching primer over clear coat&paint?

You can put self-etching primer over clear coat and paint, but it is not advised. Self-etching primer is meant to be used before painting to help the paint adhere to the surface better. If self-e... Read More »

Whats the best way to clear ear wax?

Hopi ear candles release herbal smoke into the ear which breaks down the wax and sucks it out into the candle. It's amazing how much wax and dirt you find in it afterwards. Get someone to hold it... Read More »

If my eyesight isn't clear anymore, is their still a chance for it to go back in the clear state?

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