What's the difference between a "Mini DV Camcorder" and a " DVD Camcorder"?

Answer The basic answer is that miniDV camcorders record onto digital tapes and DVD camcorders record onto DVD-R/RW discs.The long winded answer is, depends.If you want the best quality (not considering H... Read More »

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Whats the difference between a $200 HD camcorder and a $2,000 HD camcorder besides features?

Video quality and the user's control over it are HUGE differences. On a $200 camcorder, expect little to no manual zoom (specifically optical zoom) or focus. Expect highly compressed formats like... Read More »

Do you suggest to buy DVD camcorder instead of mini DV?

I just bought the tape camcorder - canon .i am glad that i bought it .. the dvd is no better than it ....

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A good Mini-Dv Camcorder?

I think you should go with the reliable brands Canon and Panasonic. If I were you I would have bought Canon ZR850 - it is $240 on amazon, so guess it would be cheaper on eBay or with a deal elsew... Read More »