Whats the difference between SD and SDHC memory cards?

Answer SD = secure digital, with capacities at 2 GB or smaller.SDHC = secure digital high capacity, with capacities larger than 2 GB. The theoretical limit is 32 GB.

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With SDHC memory cards, what is the difference between Class 4 and Class 6 What does this mean?

The SDHC classes were supposedly thought out to prevent consumer confusion, but so far it seems to have achieved exactly the opposite.The class number simply indicates the card's *minimum* sustaine... Read More »

What Are the Classes of SDHC Memory Cards?

The SD Association is the body that sets the standards to which SDHC, or secure digital high capacity cards, must adhere. The organization has set forth two different types of classes: speed class ... Read More »

How to Compare SD & SDHC Memory Cards?

SD, or secure digital cards, are used in many small electronics today. Cameras, cell phones and MP3 players are just a few of their applications. New technology is constantly being developed in thi... Read More »

Do CoolPix cameras use SD or SDHC memory cards?

Nikon CoolPix digital cameras use either SD or SDHC memory cards. Both types of cards are comptiable. CoolPix cameras are not, however, compatible with multi media cards (known as MMC).References... Read More »