Whats the difference between Jamaican Dumpling and Jamaican Johnnycake?

Answer Yes, I have tried and loved them.The first major difference is that dumplings can be boiled or fried and johnny cakes are always fried. (I will note that I have seen a healthier recipe where the j... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Jamaican bobsleigh team to a switzerland one?

The chances of the Swiss winning are much greater than the Jamaicans!

Jamaican Labor Law?

In Jamaica. labor laws protect the rights of workers employed on theCaribbean island. Separate laws are in place to deal with specific rights, such as the rights of men and women to receive equal p... Read More »

About Jamaican Art?

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles south of Cuba. While it is perhaps best known as the birthplace of dancehall culture, reggae music, street art and ghetto-fa... Read More »

Are Jamaican men possessive?

On One Hand: Some Women Say YesWhen it comes to whether Jamaican men are possessive, some women say, "Yes." Many women who have experience in relationships with Jamaican men report that they can be... Read More »