What's the difference between Installed Physical Memory and Total Physical Memory?

Answer That's weird... Vista may need to update it's virtual memory/paging file settings now that you've installed more RAM, but physical memory shouldn't still be reported as 1gb, if the additional RAM ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of this:total physical memory is 256 MB and available physical memory is 68 MB ?

It means that you have 256 MB of space in your memory, and only 68 MB are still available because the other 188 are being used by programs, tasks, storage, and whatnot.

How to Increase Physical Memory?

Whether you are facing adversities or are simply looking to stay sharp, taking on a memory exercise or two a week can keep you sharp as a whistle.  What type of training you want to use is solely ... Read More »

How much physical memory does my computer have?

For RAM memory on a PC, click on the "Start" button, select "Control Panel," then "System and Maintenance" and finally "System." Available RAM memory on a Macintosh is found under the "Apple" menu,... Read More »

How to Update a Computer's Physical Memory?

Physical computer memory is more commonly called RAM. RAM stands for random access memory, and RAM is volatile, which means that the memory only holds information while the computer is on. Shutting... Read More »