Whats the diference between MB and GB on my computers memory?

Answer MB is in 10^6 bytes, while GB is in 10^9 bytes

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My sony hd Webbie flashes format error and it says "no memory space in memory stick" whats wrong with it?

maybe just try to take the battery and memory completely out, and check it again...... lemme know

What is the maximum memory for 64 bit computers?

2^64 = 16 EiB = 4 GiB * 4 GiB.16 EiB / 16 GiB = 1 GiB, so it would take over 1 Billion 16 GiB memory sticks to fully use a 64 bit address space.1 GiB = 1,073,741,824.Not sure how you would fit them... Read More »

Does DDR2 Memory Work in DDR Computers?

DDR2 memory cannot be used in a computer that uses DDR memory, as DDR2-SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM are not compatible. The two types of memory modules are "keyed" with a small notch at the bottom. The notc... Read More »

Will more PC memory make computers run faster?

More PC (personal computer) memory will help make a computer run faster. Personal computer memory is referred to as RAM (random access memory). The more random access memory a personal computer has... Read More »