Whats the diference between MB and GB on my computers memory?

Answer MB is in 10^6 bytes, while GB is in 10^9 bytes

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Whats The Difference Between Memory and Ram?

RAM is Random Access Memory. There are other types of memory as well: Virtual Memory, Cached Memory, etc.

Diference between iPhone 3gs16gb and 32gb?

yes you can, you dont have to buy a new simcard when you buy a new iPhone

What's the diference between all thhose bell peppers?

They are the same, just different amounts of ripeness. Green peppers are the least ripe, and as the pepper ripens, it turns yellow, then orange, then red when it is ripest. The red ones are the swe... Read More »

Whats the difference between SD and SDHC memory cards?

SD = secure digital, with capacities at 2 GB or smaller.SDHC = secure digital high capacity, with capacities larger than 2 GB. The theoretical limit is 32 GB.