Whats the deal with silk milk, and how is it different?

Answer Silk is soy milk, it contains no lactose. It is a little thicker and sweeter than regular dairy milk.It is delicious in my opinion, especially in smoothies. :)Hope this helps!

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What is better for you silk milk or fat free milk?

What is silk milk made of?

Soybeans. There are also almond and coconut versions.

Is Silk soy milk fermented?

Fermented milk is milk that has been fermented with lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus. Some soy milk, including Silk soy milk is fermented. Fermented soy milk reduces gas, destroys bacteri... Read More »

Is silk soy milk vegan?

Vegan diets exclude all animal products and by-products such as meat, dairy and eggs. Silk soy milk contains no animal products, lactose, or dairy because it is made from soy beans. Vegans can incl... Read More »