Whats the cure for a nagging wife?

Answer A kind, gentle husband who treats her well and speaks to her softly without ignoring her. A man who understands that certain things are important to her, so he tries to find the time to attend to ... Read More »

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Whats the cure for a bad back?

It depends on what is causing the bad back, if it is a mussel problem then heat and alternating this with ice can help relieve the pain. I have a back problem which I am told there is no cure, beca... Read More »

My wife has a very badly trapped sciatic nerve, dose anyone know the best cure ?

It depends on her symptoms. If she is having severe neurologic deficits (foot drop, numbness in her groin, or loss of bowel or bladder function) then surgery may be indicated. If she is having pa... Read More »

Whats the best cure for a cold?

there is no cure for a cold only remedies to make you feel better so just take two paracetamol

Whats the best hangover cure?

A bacon and egg mcmuffin, a coffee and an orange juiceP.S - Get someone from work to go to McDonalds and get it for you :) (pay them, if necessary)