What's the country where people eats dogs?

Answer ♡ACCORDING TO THESE SITES the Vietnamese- "Vietnam's dog-eating custom is rooted in the north of the country and developed as a result of poverty. In the north, dogs were the cheapest source of p... Read More »

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"Name a country where people drink a lot of beer?

Checkolsolvakia is the country with the highest beer consumption... downing more than 160 litres each every year!

I've heard if a person eats 180 hot dogs, 42 twinkies and 4 cases of diet soda they won't have to be embalmed?

Note to self feeding Zombie army is going to be expensive.

Why do people get so ANGRY when someone who eats fish calls themself vegetarian?

Some people have anger issues and love animals so much that when people use the term incorrectly (either out of ignorance or for convience) they feel it's a personal affront- they don't want to be ... Read More »

Whats the difference between scene people and emo people ?

Emo people love the colour black and scene people are into bright, neon colours, apart from that, they are the same :)