What's the coolest website you've ever been on?

Answer freerice.comYou are given a word and 4 choices then you coose what definition is closest. For every word you get right you donate 20 grains of rice to someone that is starving. It makes you feel good.

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Whats the coolest thing youve found on the sidewalk?

I found a wheelchair made of wood (like pieces of wood, not a wooden wheelchair that was professionally made) and metal parts from a real wheelchair, it was like movie creepy and near the woods dow... Read More »

Whats the saddest movie youve ever seen?

Whats the worst pain youve ever been in?

once while i was raking hay, i had to go under an apple tree to gather a swath of downed hay. suddenly, i had excrutiating pain in my right eye! it was so bad i shoved the tractor out of gear and ... Read More »

Whats the funniest video youve ever seen on youtube?

robot chicken giraffe on quicksand…