Whats the common blood alch poison level?

Answer Generally .25 and above is considered to be a stupor and dangerous and can cause severe ataxia, vomiting, unconsciousness, and depressed breathing.BUT, every BAC app that I have used seems to overe... Read More »

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Whats the best way to get rid of poison oak?

Tea tree oil will help. Lavender oil if it is true oil. Young living oil works best.

Whats the difference between a mosquito bite and poison oak?

i think your answerers are a bit dumb in that they cant understand your question. the think with popison oak is it gets worse as time goes on. it takes a while to appear too soyou may have been in ... Read More »

Is it bad to write on your hand As in can the ink ever poison your blood?

No unless you have an opening in the skin

My blood sugar level is 8.6 what is the normal level?

under 6. People in US use mgl and under 110 (or 100 depending on who you ask) is normal. In other countries they use mmol, hence the reading of 8.6. It's not just the poster that needs educating!!!... Read More »