What's the cheapest way to call Palestine?

Answer You're probably better off buying a prepaid calling card. There are some that specialize in countries in the middle east.I use the 'boss' card. It's only 3 to 4 cents a minute. I communicate with o... Read More »

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Whats the best blackberry and cheapest?

the curve 9360 is an amazing cheap blackberry phonethe curve 9320 is cheaper by a little bit but the curve 9360 is amazing and betterhope i helped :)tell me what you decided to get and if you have ... Read More »

What's the cheapest way to call India from the U.S.?

Did I just see something posted about Diwali??? Forget about Skype. I'm not paying 15 cents to call if I can do it for 5 cents or even free on Diwali. Check this out dude. yahoo just pushed this... Read More »

Whats the cheapest i should try to get a digi camera at?

I'm looking for the same thing for my daughter. The day after Thanksgiving, I expect to get a decent one for about $100. Don't buy a cheapo one. I bought my daughter a $30 one at Walmart one year... Read More »

Whats the cheapest but fastest way to get drunk?

One word. EVERCLEAR. this stuff is potent and cheap. Don't go crazy on it though because it is 100% proof.