What's the cause of yellowish skin in new born baby?

Answer babies with yellowish skin usually means jaundiceputting baby in just a diaper near window helps-in hospitals they have special lights

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What if your baby is 11 months and had fever and skin is yellowish?

When shingles first appear can skin to skin contact cause chickenpox in a 6 month old baby?

A one year old can eat just about any food. It really depends on how many teeth he or she has. Whatever you serve your one year old, make sure you dice into smaller bits, especially meats and fres... Read More »

If A baby is born with definite cyanosis what could be the cause?

It is certainly not advisable to give benadryl daily to make a child sleep.

What kinds of things could cause a baby to be born with a disability?

I don't know many, but I do know that if a pregnant woman catches rubella while pregnant, yes, her baby can be born with a disability.