Whats the brand you trust the most with electronics?

Answer Well, this is an interesting question. In recent years "brand name" has come to mean a lot less than it used to as companies are highly globalized, buy major components or even entire products fro... Read More »

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Which brand of processor do u most trust?

I prefer Intel. I lost two machines with AMD processors to overheating some years ago, because AMD had no overtemperature sensors on the chip and no mechanism for slowing the processor in case of ... Read More »

What brand of of electronics is the best?

Since everyone has a different taste, "the best" is subjective. On the same note, without getting into the high-end (high-dollar) realm of home theater, I suggest you put the following on your sho... Read More »

Who makes the "classic" brand in electronics?

What are the most important brand elements in the brand iPod would you please identify them and then give me a analytical explanation for why they are so unique and different from the competitors?

What are the most important functions in a iPod, which differentiate it among the other MP3 players, which were on the market before the iPod was launched back in 2001, and if possible may you expl... Read More »