What's the big deal with beer?

Answer Because it's delicious. Most of the people answering here saying "ewww, beer tastes like crap!" are thinking of Budweiser or Coors or Milwaukee's Best or something else equally horrible. That's l... Read More »

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Whats the deal with Google?

You have an inferior internet browser. I suggest installing Opera.Google has also been known to "block" certain people. If you're on their blacklist for some reason you may want to call up your ISP... Read More »

Whats the deal with slagging off Homeopathy?

I think you're essentially asking a few different questions, but I'll try to do each.First off, I'm of the belief (from having watched and contemplated this for over a year) the people that are "sl... Read More »

Whats the whole deal with FTA satellite tv?

Directv dishes don't work with FTA Free to Air Systems. Dish Network does.First you need to pick your Equipment here:…Then you need to Find a local Satelli... Read More »

Whats the deal with wikipedia blackout ?

They've shut down the entire English part of their website in protest of a couple of anti-pirating bills Congress is trying to pass at the moment.The bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the... Read More »