Whats the big deal about MySpace?

Answer uhhgg! some people just dont get it! i mean of course there are bad sides about it like the gross old men who try to pick up young people. but you CAN be safe on there. i'm pretty young and i have ... Read More »

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How to Deal with Not Having a Facebook or MySpace?

It seems like everyone has a facebook/myspace page. If, for whatever reason, you can't/aren't allowed to have one, here's how to deal.

Idk whats up with myspace?

MySpace Power Outage shuts down site posted an announcement tonight at 6:40PM PST time that their data center had a power outage. Tom went on to post the following message: "hey everyon... Read More »

Whats better AIM or Myspace?

AIM is a Instant Messenger, and yes, you can use it on your cell phone with a subscription. MySpace is basically a site that asks for a lot of personal info, and will most likely get you kidnapped ... Read More »

Whats better facebook or myspace?

facebook cause people you dont know cant just browse for people of age they have to know your name