Whats the best. windows or mac?

Answer That's easy.Microsoft designed Windows for people who know nothing about computers. My grandma can use a Windows computer without a problem. They sell under the banner of "user-friendly."Macintosh ... Read More »

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Whats the best security for windows vista?

live onecare is pretty good actually. so far so good. its been 2 months and i haven't encountered any problems. doesn't slow down my system. it prompts me for absolutly everything which can be ... Read More »

Whats the best place to get windows web hosting?

You can check review of top ten windows hosting companies at website like .

Whats the best computer virus protection for windows xp and vista?

Whats the best format to convert a quicktime video for windows movie maker?

Convert Quicktime MOV to WMV, WMV is the windows media format, it's pretty compatible with windows movie maker.