Whats the best way to watch paid tv or even free tv on the internet if possible?

Answer is the easiest way; lot of channels and it's free! also is a new service with a better design but I think it cost but quality is excellent if you have a broadband !

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How can i watch free movies on the internet or download for free on a dvd?

get a bittorrent client and then got to a torrent site and download.bittorrent clients - bitcommet, Azearus.Torrent sites - thepiratebay, demonoid.

Whats a good free way i can watch tv without having a tv?

Well I watch some of my shows on]

Is there an internet site that i can watch whats being broadcast on the basic tv?

I use TVU, it is free and decent quality. You need at least 1.5 mps in DSL or broadband and you will be fine.The others listed by the other contributor are good too. Some of those are excellentWha... Read More »

Whats Wi-Fi is it free internet or something?

Wi-Fi or wireless lan is a way of receiving the internet wirelessly (without cables) you can only receive free WIFI when you are in a wireless enabled place like McDonald's or on a train. otherwise... Read More »