Whats the best way to treat blisters after a run?

Answer This is a two step process, first as you know you are prone to blistering, purchase some moleskin or if you're like me and can't seem to get that to work, put band-aides on the spots that tend to b... Read More »

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What's the best way to treat a blisters?

You might try wearing corn pads on your baby toes this will help you from getting blisters.

How are you supposed to treat blisters I have blisters on the bottom of my toes! They are like boils! HELP?

it is always best to leave the blisters unpopped and let them heal on their own. the fluid inside the blisters is sterile to your body and if you pop them, you run the risk of getting an infection.... Read More »

Whats the best thing to do to TREAT A SPRANGED ANKLE?

ice the first 24hrs and heat from then on,a lil time it`ll be OK

Whats the best way to treat a eye that is all swollen up "Please Help"?

OMG...What happened? Well, the only thing I know to get a zip-lock bag of ice...or a bag of frozen peas...and put it over the eye to relieve the swelling! Sometimes my cat gets my eyes all ... Read More »