What's the best way to treat a scrape on your face?

Answer One thing is certain: you probably won't look too much better in the morning. Don't put makeup on it! Makeup will just slow the healing process and could even infect the wounds. Not too mention tha... Read More »

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The Best Way to Treat Red Acne on Your Face?

Pimples of all stripes and colors are the result of three processes that take place under the skin: excess oil production, the shedding of dead skin cells and a superfluous number of bacteria calle... Read More »

How do I treat a horrible scrape?

Use warm water containing any antiseptic lotion in plenty to clean it with sterile cotton with a little force to remove dirt.

Whats the best way to treat blisters after a run?

This is a two step process, first as you know you are prone to blistering, purchase some moleskin or if you're like me and can't seem to get that to work, put band-aides on the spots that tend to b... Read More »

How to Quickly Treat a Cut or Bleeding Scrape?

There are times, when you get a cut or scrape and do not have instant access to a sanitary place where it can be conveniently washed and cleaned.