What's the best way to treat a burn with things one has at home?

Answer its a bit late, you should get water on a burn straight away. Water still might make it feel better though, wrap it in a cool rag. not ice though.

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Whats the best way to treat a sun burn HELPP! IM IN PAIN A MAHH BACK?

i would try taking aloe baths that is what i do you just squeeze the aloe vera gel into warm to hot bath water and soak in it after that i would spray on some sooth a caine

How to Treat Razor Burn at Home?

Swollen painful bumps that occur on your skin shortly after shaving are commonly called razor burn and are formally known as folliculitis. The bumps around the shaved area become infected when the ... Read More »

What is the best way to treat a 2nd degree burn at home?

Treat burns in the following ways:Cool the burned area with moist, clean, cool cloths. Rinse with tap water, and clean with soap and water. Apply a layer of Silvadene cream ( silver sulfadiazine) m... Read More »

How to treat a burn Help please.?

When you initially burn yourself then you should cool the area, this can be achieved by running it under a cool tap or putting a wet compress on it, avoid ice as this can cause ice burns which will... Read More »