What's the best way to stop the blood if you cut yourself while shaving?

Answer The only way to stop a cut bleeding quickly is to dry out the top layer of blood that is why using bits of tissue paper is most effective. Hope you don't mind me sending this tip but if you apply b... Read More »

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How to Stop Getting a Shaving Rash?

Both men and women suffer from shaving rashes -- irritated skin and large, red bumps that are unsightly and oftentimes painful. When you have sensitive skin or use improper shaving techniques, a sh... Read More »

How to Stop the Itch After Shaving?

Having smooth, silky skin is desirable and often achieved through shaving. Sometimes after shaving, an itchiness develops on the legs or other areas of the body. Scratching will only irritate the a... Read More »

I cut a mole shaving and it won't stop bleeding?

That's really Bad. Put lots of pressure on it to stop and see a doctor or someone.

How to Stop the Bleeding From a Shaving Nick?

Once again, you are shaving your legs or face, when you feel that darned burning sensation. You need to stop the bleeding in a hurry so you can get on with your day. You can apply pressure and wait... Read More »