What's the best way to stop the blood if you cut yourself while shaving?

Answer The only way to stop a cut bleeding quickly is to dry out the top layer of blood that is why using bits of tissue paper is most effective. Hope you don't mind me sending this tip but if you apply b... Read More »

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How to Avoid Cutting Yourself on the Neck While Shaving?

Shaving your neck requires thoughtful preparation of your skin, and careful application of the razor blade over your whiskers. Whether you want to invest in a reusable safety razor or utilize dispo... Read More »

How to Moisturize While Shaving Your Legs Without Shaving Cream?

So everyone is cutting back on things these days. Financially, families are having tough times making ends meet. Another way to cut back is to eliminate buying shaving cream to shave your legs. Her... Read More »

I got a injury/cut while shaving my privat part ,penis.blood flow from it,injury is deep,i feel shy of consult?

make sure the bleeding stops. keep it clean and covered. and let it heal. unless you can't stop the bleeding you don't need to go to the doctor. you'll be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, but i... Read More »

Whats the best way to kill yourself without too much pain?

your on this planet for a reason... even if you dont know what the reason is.... DONT KILL yourself. theres something your living for. and dont throw that away.