What's the best way to start learning about Digital SLRs?

Answer Here's a good starter about the technology:'s a good intro to purchasing digital SLRs:…And this is a great re... Read More »

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What are the Technical differences in Digital SLRs?

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Do digital SLRs like the Canon Rebel series have a shutter?

It uses a focal plane shutter - just like its 35mm ancestors.While cheaper cameras certainly just turn on the sensor to shoot (diverting power from the screen to do so, hence the lag), DSLRs still ... Read More »

Do they make digital cameras with manual apertures that are not SLRs?

Answer Yes .... The Olympus C-8080.[Spelvin adds] Canon currently has more than 10 models in production that have that feature. All of them have shutter priority as well. Panasonic (with Leica len... Read More »

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