Whats the best way to speed up my computerit is getting slow.?

Answer if u are not sure how to clean al the rubbish file up,, then better download, some software that does it all,,,i wud recmmmend tuneup utilities,,this takes all the temp files, empties the space,, ... Read More »

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On a 40mph road, whats the maximum speed before getting caught in the speed camera in UK.?

its down to each local police authority to set their margin of error, this allows for the fact not all speedometers are accurate. Most will set it at around 44mph...the general rule of thumb is 10%... Read More »

My PC is about 6 years old and really slow now. Is there any way of getting back to its old speed?

There are several things you can do to increase the "speed" of your computer. 1) Clean up the disk. Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that run at startup and/or put something in the sys... Read More »

Why is my internet really slow, when I am getting a good-ish rating on the speed test website?

You have a virus, someone's doing what's known as a man in the middle attack on your computer, so something is between your computer and the web site. Your hardware could be virtualized, your route... Read More »

What is the most simple and best way to speed up a slow computer?

Performance of computerHiboot up your computer as normalthen when it has finished booting uppress control and alt and delete keys so the task manager screen comes on now click on the performance ta... Read More »