What's the best way to soothe a nasty sunburn?

Answer aloe burn relief gel cover the burnt area with many, many, MANY layers

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Whats the Best way to Soothe a Bad Sunburn I have tried soothing Gel.?

Put canned evaporated milk on and let it soak in. The next morning your burn will be a tan.

How do you soothe sunburn?

This is going to sound strange, at least it did to me until I researched it. Apparently vinegar, any type but apple cider vinegar is great, works really well on sunburns! It's very soothing, from w... Read More »

Any cures to help soothe sunburn?

The website below has a list of folk remedies anywhere from vinegar to milk and cucumber. It also has suggestions on how to speed healing and what not to do.Hope this helps!

How to Use a Water Balloon to Soothe Sunburn?

Water balloons aren't just toys!Here's how to use them to cure sunburn!