Whats the best way to sleep with your period?

Answer Always sell a range of night time pads, they are longer and have a lot more absorbency so you can easily wear them for 8 hours without leaking through.I usually wear one of them and 2 pairs of unde... Read More »

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Whats the best way to tell your b/f ur on ur period?

The best way is very directly. We're all grown . . . it shouldn't be some secret or surprise that you get your period. If he whines when you him NO, tell him that it'll be messy and you'll get bl... Read More »

Whats the best way to pass a drug test with 2 days notice with THC in your system ?

Artificial Urine is the only way to go. Dog urine will not work, water will no work, no type of tea will work, its a chemical in your bloodstream, no liquid is going to be able to wash it out for y... Read More »

How to Sleep With Your Best Friend Nude?

You're sleeping with a friend. You are both hot and the house is really stuffy. You really want to pull off your clothes but you're feeling self-conscious. To see if it's OK in your friendship and ... Read More »

WHATS the best thing to take when i cannot sleep?

try a warm bath/shower, hot tea...there is a herbal tea called "sleepy time". Sex is a good way to get a good book till you can't hold your eyes open...etc.