What's the best way to ride a left over burn mark?

Answer If you mean "hide" then you can use a cosmetic concealer. If you mean "get rid of" then the only way is with time. It will most likely gradually fade.

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How to Cure a Burn Mark?

Burn marks are unsightly and can leave bad scars. If you have recently suffered a burn, help prevent and minimize scarring by immediately treating the area. If the burn has already healed and scarr... Read More »

Help i peeled my scab and left a dent mark please help?

Hi again!! Just leave it alone, it'll be fine. It may become a scar because you picked at it, but if you've got Cocoa Butter Therapy skin stuff, try that and it should fade after while. Otherwise, ... Read More »

How to Hide a Burn Mark in Auto Upholstery?

After years of wear and tear and perhaps being passed around from one owner to the next, your vehicle may have some damage. One particularly offensive type of damage is a burn mark in your vehicle'... Read More »

Why did band-aids leave a burn looking mark on me?

You should not leave any type of adhesive tape, band-aide on your skin for to long or your skin will start to irritate. I work at a hospital and I see this type of thing to often. It could also be ... Read More »