What's the best way to photograph a ring to put on ebay. I just cannot get a good clear one?

Answer Disable your flash and use the macro function in a well lit room.

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Whats the best thing to use to clean monitor i was told clear alcohol but that wasnt very good?

use some windex cleaning agent, it works on windows and on computer screens.

Whats the difference between clear eye shadow primer and not clear?

Clear eye shadow primer is much better quality-wise. It's less likely to become sticky and leave a yellowish residue.

What Does "Clear ESN" Mean on eBay?

Each cellphone contains an 11-digit Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that is unique and is used by cellular phone carriers to tie the device to a specific person or business. The ESN cannot be change... Read More »

How can I digitally photograph clear glass such as crystal glassware?

Transparent and reflective objects are some of the most challenging photographic subjects. The trick is all in the lighting. With these kinds of subjects, you are mostly concerned about the reflec... Read More »