What's the best way to minimize (stop) 'crying' when chopping onion?

Answer watch this vid

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How do you stop yourself crying when chopping onions?

i find running the onion under a cold tap before chopping helps!

What REALLY works to stop you from crying when you chop an onion?

Lighting a small votive candle near my chopping board. I thought it was the most bizarre thing I've ever heard, but it actually works. I have super sensitive eyes and keep my onions in the fridge... Read More »

Does chewing gum prevent you from crying when cutting a red onion?

When you cut a red onion, enzymes are released from the damaged cells. These enzymes produce a gas which mixes with oxygen to form sulphuric acid. The sulphuric acid causes watery eyes. Chewing gum... Read More »

How do u stop ur eyes watering when chopping onions?