What's the best way to make nut milk?

Answer I've never been able to make my own but I have tasted others. I think the nuts have to be soaked and gently pressed, don't forget that the thicker pulp makes a great face mask too!

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Whats better, Milk or Water?

water...its so refreshing...but then again milk goes great with oreo cookies!!

Whats wrong with drinking milk?

These answers are getting a bit mean.1. Michael H has chickens.2. He lives next to the cow farms.3. The cow farms he lives next to would be the "higher quality" ones, and not the even worse torture... Read More »

Whats better milk or dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is actually better for you than milk chocolate. The additional milk in milk chocolate greatly increases the chocolate's fat content. Furthermore, a greater amount of sugar is added t... Read More »

Whats the deal with silk milk, and how is it different?

Silk is soy milk, it contains no lactose. It is a little thicker and sweeter than regular dairy milk.It is delicious in my opinion, especially in smoothies. :)Hope this helps!