Whats the best way to lose 2 in./ 10 lbs in 5 weeks?

Answer Theres this great diet called 2468. It's where you eat 200 calories the first day, 400 the next, then 600, then 800. You lose weight super fast, WAY shorter than 5 weeks.I'm 14, I weigh 100 lbs., a... Read More »

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Whats a fast way to lose 100 pounds in 2 weeks?

Take your fat *** and run every damn morning,and go buy some muscle stimulators,next thing you know your fatass will be in the shitter

I need 2 lose weight i have 2 weeks i need a FREE way to lose 12lbs in 2 weeks please help.?

Okay, this is going to be difficult, just so you know. Spend at least one hour a day exercising - preferably cardio, like running. To burn calories you need to sweat for an extended period of time.... Read More »

Whats the best way not to lose the tv remote?

Keep the remote in the same general area. For my family room, I have a small side table where I always keep my remote, and for my bedroom I have a small dresser next to my bed where I always keep ... Read More »

Whats the best thing to do when your 6 weeks along and very constipated?

Answer Naturally, eat more ruffage, green veggies, dark leaf lettuces. You can do fiberous mixes, like metamucil. Prune or apple juice. No laxatives or chalky aides.